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2nd International Conference on Plantation Technology 2023

10 - 11 October - Conference & Exhibition

12 October - Technical Tours


Fostering green and circular bioeconomy
in industrial crops production

The event

What you can expect from

ICPTech is a biennial plantation conference that brings together the latest advancement of the research innovation and knowledge of the scholars and industry practitioners in the plantation sector. The involvement and collaboration of both researchers and industry players catalyse the development and accelerate the research culture. This conference provides a platform for the researchers to showcase the research outcomes and share the groundbreaking ideas and appropriate technologies in shaping the plantation sector in the future. The 2nd ICPTech2023 with the theme Fostering green and circular bioeconomy in industrial crops production focus on aspects of modern agriculture, especially the application of biotechnology, automation technology and mechanization and digitalization of plantations industry. Focus is also given to aspects of management and reuse of farm and agricultural waste to achieve good farming practices and environmental sustainability.

Present your work at ICPTech2023

ICPTech2023 is promoting research and technology and brings latest innovation with the aim of advancing the current practices in the plantation sector. With that, we welcome you to submit your abstract for participation in this conference the exploration of the five relevant topics:

Sustainable resources

Discovery of new plantation crops and available bioresources - evaluation of the potential becoming a plantation crops, growth habitat, sources. An economic analysis may be included if necessary.

Biobased conversion products, bioenergy & biochemicals

  • Energy plantation crops and biorefinery - bioethanol, biogas, biochar, biodiesel

  • Biobased materials - composite, textile, rubber, wax, resin, (related to specific crops)

  • Biological active compounds - Insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and pharmaceuticals which fits to plantation crops

Mechanization, automation & digitalization

Improved mechanization and automation systems for upstream and mid-stream operations in the plantation industry using cutting edge digital technology, smart sensors, machine learning and artificial intelligent

to increase productivity and yield of the crops as well as to reduce negative environmental impact of the conventional cropping system

Sustainable harvesting: Plant pest & disease control

  • Biotic & abiotic stress of the crops

  • Pest & weed management

  • Crop protection & disease control

  • Breeding & genetics of cultivated crops

  • Agronomy field

  • Propagation of crops or production of metabolite in vitro

Sustainability, circular bioeconomy, environmental impacts & policies

  • Policies - circular bioeconomy, rural development, low carbon policy

  • Environmental impact - Land usage, biodiversity, water & energy usage)

  • Climate change & GHG emission

  • Efficient management - value chain, exploring new co-products, job creation

Program outline



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