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Oral guidelines

Oral presentations are for presenting completed research work. Authors will verbally present summaries or overviews of their work, describing the essential features. 

1.    Oral presentations should be limited to 20 minutes each including 5 minutes of Q&A's with the audience. 
2.    Presentation materials must be prepared in the PowerPoint or pdf format.

Poster guidelines

  1. A regular poster must fit into A1 size and is well designed.

  2. The poster should have:

    • title

    • name

    • affiliation

    • contact information of the presenter

    • introduction

    • methodologies

    • results & discussion

    • conclusion

  3. A limited number of graphic illustrations such as figures, concise tables, diagrams, photographs, and maps may be added and should be clearly labelled with a brief caption.

  4. 10 minutes of poster presentation including 2 minutes of Q&A.

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