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The establishment of the Institute of Plantation Studies (IKP) was approved by the Department of Higher Education, Malaysia in 2004 to become a Centre of Excellence for the advancement of plantation and agricultural agrotechnology and problem solving to commodity crops issues. Currently, IKP has three research laboratories; Laboratory of Sustainable Agronomy and Crop Protection (SACP), Laboratory of Plantation System Technology and Mechanization (PSTM) and Laboratory of Processing and Product Development (PPD) to cover the upstream, midstream and downstream activities of plantation crops.

To date, IKP is actively involved in research and consultancy projects covering plantation crops such as palm oil, rubber, cocoa, tea, pepper, coconut, pineapple, and durian. IKP activities mainly support the National Agricommodity Policy 2021-2030 (DAKN2030) to tackle issues and challenges faced by the plantation industry such as sustainability demand (to meet global export demand), stagnant productivity (soil infertility, pest and diseases, and overdependence on foreign labour), and lack of value-creation (limited

-value added products and limited development of downstream product/technology). With various backgrounds of researchers in IKP and strong collaborations with government agencies, plantation companies and technology providers, IKP would dedicate its experience and expertise to agricultural and plantation research areas.

Find out more about us from our website here.

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